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Derma LiteCheck UV® and Derma Litecheck UV® Multimedia (NEW)

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Derma LiteCheck UV®
Handily UV device in practical ring binder format,
110 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, contrast analogous to Checkbox,
encl. fabric tote bag and 75 ml testlotion

Order-no.: 60010

EUR 301,00

Dermalux LiteCheck UV®
Package price for 3 devices

Order-no.: 60011

EUR 852,00

Derma Litecheck UV®
Package price for 5 devices

Order-no.: 60013

EUR 1.395,00

NEW Derma Litecheck UV® Multimedia
Handily UV device in practical ring binder format (same as above), however with integrated USB camera. Wide voltage. Operation of cam e.g. under Windows 10. Delivery encl. fabric tote bag and 75ml Dermalux® Testlotion

Order-no: 61000

EUR 459,00

Dermalux® System

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Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia
UV device, prim. 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, ready for camera operation,
encl. mains adaptor and Schuko low-heat heat cable,
75 ml testlotion (ready to be operated with cam)

Order-no.: 10025

EUR 938,00

Dermalux® Multimedia Cam
Camera attachment for beamer (monitor) / TV, accessory for
Dermalux Checkbox® Multimedia

Order-no.: 10026

EUR 299,00

Dermalux® Transport-& Displaycase
Acessory for Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia

Order-no.: 30020

EUR 249,00

Trolley Attachement
Wheel accessory for Dermalux® Transport- & Display Case
(encl. assembly to the case)

Order-no.: 30030

EUR 69,00

Spare Parts for Dermalux® Checkbox Multimedia and Derma LiteCheck UV®

Unit price Quantity to shopping cart

Replacement Lightbulb
for Dermalux® Checkbox and Derma LiteCheck UV®

Order-no.: 30040

EUR 24,00

Replacement Power Supply Unit
for Dermalux® Checkbox
encl. low-heat cable Schuko

Order-no.: 30060

EUR 68,00

Replacement Power Cable
for Derma LiteCheck UV®

Order-no.: 20029

EUR 14,00

Fluorescent test products for tests and training acc. to Dermalux® Method

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Dermalux® Testlotion S

for trainings in personnel hygiene,
skin care and e.g. for tests with kids

Contains 2 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20011

EUR 27,50

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 4 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20015

EUR 45,50

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 10 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20012

EUR 92,50

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 25 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20013

EUR 198,00

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 50 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20016

EUR 372,00

Dermalux® Testlotion S

Contains 100 x 75 ml
Order-no.: 20014

EUR 662,00
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enlarge picture

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

for personnel trainings in correct
application of disinfectants

Contains 2 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20070

EUR 40,50

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

Contains 10 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20080

EUR 121,00

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

Contains 25 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20074

EUR 291,00

Dermalux® Alcohol Tester II

Contains 100 x 500 ml
Order-no.: 20075

EUR 951,00
enlarge picture
enlarge picture

Dermalux® Crystal Gel Tester

(produced on demand)
min. lots 100 x 500 ml




Individual production on demand for all products



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Subject to change without prior notice.